Everyday entropy: there are no rules

Rayleigh Taylor Instability (computer model)

If the universe operated according to fundamental laws, the laws would have to be stored somewhere, and if the laws were universal, they would have to be copied, transmitted, received and implemented everywhere else.  If the forces and material of the universe were build on rules, no matter how simple, the rules would change over time and space because no matter, energy or information system is immune from entropy.  If matter had the equivalent of DNA telling it how to behave, it would evolve, and every galaxy would behave differently.  What is consistent is the harmonic resonance of chaos.  Not just unpredictability, but the kind of chaos that makes chaos theory look like basic algebra.  Pure chaos.  That undeterminable chaos that may or may not even exist or be chaotic at any given time.  The appearance of rules comes from the fact that any interaction between two bodies, no matter how chaotic, will set up a resonance at the boundary and harmonics within the bodies, and all resonance and harmony is made up of whole numbers.  You cannot have a fractional number of peaks in a wave or a fractional number of oscillations in a vibration.  That countability ensures consistency across space and time.  The universe is consistent, not because there are rules, but because there are no rules.

There is resonance. There are harmonics. There are entropies. They are universal analogs in mass, momentum, heat, energy, information, and space. Some probabilities are so high or so low as to look like laws, but a law depends on information, and information can only exist if it has a physical storage location. The universe has no storage.


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