Daily Entropy: economic crisis

Tokyo persimmon tree, random beauty

The economic crisis in japan has been ongoing for the past 30 years.  Is it really a crisis, or is it just the result of maximum entropy?  If Europe and America are in the same situation now, is that really a problem?  Do we need economic growth or are these economies choking on the excess from years of meaningless, random growth.  I’m not an economist, but this looks like entropy to me.  Where maximum effort yields minimum gain, you have to suspect entropy.

Economists have been trained to look for growth to the point where they have no other aesthetic values.  They have no sense of what would make people satisfied with the state of the economy, so they point to growth and wonder why people are still angry.  They don’t understand that the growth they are pointing to is based on an immense increase in suburbanisation and indistinguishability.  Owning a lot more worthless space and crap than you need is not the same as the pursuit of happiness.  Economic expansion is limited by entropy, so with entropy near maximum, the options for what to do economically are limited.  War is the spontaneous way our society has reset its entropy in the past, but surely with an understanding of entropy we could do better.  The only way for Japan to restart economic growth would be a war with China that leads them back to the stone age… again.  But there is another way, and it’s possible that Japan has already found it.  If  it can be harnessed, beauty has room to grow.  Lots of it.  Cities are hideous and suburbs are worse.  The opportunities to reintroduce wilderness into human civilisation are endless.  My economic advice to Japan would be to surf more, increase gender equality, and stop worrying about economic growth, which is entropically impossible at this point.



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