Everyday entropy: decisions, decisions, decisions


Ridiculously stupid warning signs, like byzantine bureaucracy, come from a pathetic attempt to use information to control entropy, the random shit that happens when real people try to use real things in real situations where they don’t belong.  Rational responses look stupid in the face of entropy, like military responses to terrorism, drugs and economic ideology.

Education may miss the mark because it misinterprets how people make decisions.  Most people make decisions by copying the people around them who seem most successful.  This isn’t irrational.  They are freeloading on the information of others, and for most people this strategy is far better than trying to get and process all of the information they need to make a reasonable decision about anything.  It also leaves them with plenty of brain time to focus on the petty distinctions that will give them social or economic status beyond mere good decision making.

In order to get the opportunity to make a meaningfully good decision, to be in a position where your decisions carry weight, you have to put in a career helping people profit off of bad decisions.  You can’t make money helping people buy local, walk around, or sleep.  You can’t even make money helping people raise their children.  You make money selling fantasies and helping people do things they don’t need to do: drink beer, drive fast, buy cheap shit from far off places, put on make-up, etc.  By the time you have pushed through the thousandth bad decision, do you think you’ll still have the capacity to make a good decision?  Do you think you’ll have a scrap of empathy left for the public good when your entire fortune, your life’s work, has been undermining the public good for private gain?  You look at Europe and America and perhaps you think that public good has been well served, but this “public” good is inseparable from the entropy of pollution and the shame of slavery and indentured servitude.  No person alive in America or Europe has lived a life untouched by goods made in Asian sweat shops or Arabian oil.  Not one.  When our civilisation is still intimately linked to slavery and foreign resource exploitation, we can hardly say our ideals make us great, or that the quality of our character justifies the comforts of our community.  Maybe they do, but at the moment we have no idea.

It is easy to create information prohibiting entropy.  Laws, newspapers, public education campaigns, whichever way you spin the information, it spirals off into information space without impacting the actual evolution of the physical configuration.  History is immaterial.  Whoever is ignorant of entropy is doomed to repeat the same stupid informational shit that organised people have always done in response to rising entropy.  You need history to understand entropy though, and with the right kind of eyes, you can see hints of entropy littered through all of the stories of violence and resurrection.



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